Plural form | There are only 5 forms


Ein Hund, zwei Hunde, eine Katze, zwei Katze…n ??? Are there different ways to form the plural form? Couldn’t I just put an “s” on the end of the word just like in English? Or maybe you have no idea what it’s about because there is no plural form in your language? This is the second difficulty in German grammar that can irritate us.

Lesson 2 is about the plural form. To create the plural there are five forms in the German language. For the five forms, we have prepared 32 rules for you. We’ll work with the rules here, the same way we did in lesson 1!

There are always exceptions, and unfortunately that is true here too: “der Band”, “die Band”, “das Band”. The word “Band”, for instance, can not be sorted into any of our rules. However, when you know the rules, you will be able to identity which plural form most words have. And now all you have to do is to study the exceptions until you remember them. With our App, you can learn German efficiently. Now get start, because practice makes perfect!