Declension of Adjectives | Articles are the key


In German there are declensions. That means that the articles, pronouns, adjectives, substantives and numerals change their forms depending on case, number and gender. This is not such an easy aspect of the German language. If the declension is incorrect, it can sometimes change the meaning of the statement. Here in lesson 3 we learn the declension of adjectives with which it is most common to make mistakes.

Are you already comfortable with the declension of definite articles (der, die, das) and indefinite articles (ein, eine, ein)? They are the key to the declension of adjectives. Before we get started with lesson 3, you should take another look at the declension of articles.

In German declension there is strong, weak and mixed declension. I am guessing that many of you have learned it that way. I did too. I believe, however, that that is a reason why declension is so difficult for us. That is why we will leave mixed declension out. In our lesson there are only two declensions: weak and strong.

As I mentioned before, declension of the article is the key to changing the adjective form. This is how we know if the adjective has strong declension or weak declension. However, it is unfortunately not that simple in the German language. That is why we have also prepared many rules in this lesson. One last tip: During the exercises, don’t forget that the cases in the nominative and accusative feminine and neuter are identical, in masculine, however, they change their form. That will definitely help you master declension. Have fun with the exercises!


Test your knowledge of Adjective Endings!

Beide Deutsch__ sind nett.
Deutsch__ sind nett.
Die Deutsch__ ist nett.
Die Deutsch__ sind nett.
Eine Deutsch__ ist nett.
Alle Deutsch__ sind nett.
Wenige Deutsch__ sind nett.
Der Deutsch__ ist nett.
Sämtliche Deutsch__ sind nett.
Viele Deutsch__ sind nett.
Andere Deutsch__ sind nett.
Ein Deutsch__ ist nett.
Manche Deutsch__ sind nett.
Mehrere Deutsch__ sind nett.
Einige Deutsch__ sind nett.

And your knowledge of Adjective Endings is...